How to Estimate Domain Value

How to Estimate Domain Value

There are several sites out there that will help you estimate the value of your domain. Some of these sites include Estibot, Flippa, Sedo, and GoDaddy. However, you can also use domain sales to get an accurate idea of the value of your domain. Regardless of which one you choose to use, these tools are extremely useful and can help you make informed decisions regarding your domain.


If you are interested in selling a domain, then Estibot can help you determine how much it’s worth. This tool estimates domain value by considering a range of factors, including cost-per-click and keyword optimisation. Furthermore, the tool provides statistics and analytics for your domain. By using this tool, you can increase your domain’s chances of selling.

In order to use the Estibot domain valuation tool, all you need to do is visit its website and input your domain name. The website will then provide you with a basic valuation as well as other details such as domain length, extension, word count, pronunciation, and search volume. If you want a more precise valuation, you can also subscribe to Estibot’s premium services, which cost $29-99 per month. In exchange for the subscription, you will get an appraisal certificate.

Estibot also offers a variety of extra services for domain investors. Its paid plans feature Market Research, Portfolio Monitoring, and Expiring Domains lists. There are three plans available for Estibot, with each offering different extras and different number of lookups per day and month. There is a free version as well.

Alternatively, you can use Siteprice, a free tool that uses algorithms to estimate the value of a domain name. Both Siteprice and Estibot offer the same service, but each has its own features that make it unique. The free version allows you to perform up to 15 valuations a month. However, you need to upgrade to the paid Advanced Plan if you want more than 1500 domains valued.

Estibot estimates domain value by considering domain extension, search value, and competitive factors. In addition, it gives you a list of over 250,000 expiring domain names for you to check. If you want an accurate domain valuation, you should be aware of the importance of these factors. This will help you avoid selling valuable domains for pennies on the dollar.

There are also other free tools to help you determine your domain’s value. For instance, FreeValuator offers a free valuation based on domain age, TLD, keywords, and website rankings. The service also provides linguistic analysis, a list of comparable sales, and a certificate of estimated value. With its free version, you can receive up to three appraisals daily, while a paid subscription costs $5.79 a month.


If you have a domain and are considering selling or buying it, a Sedo domain value estimate can help you make an informed decision. However, it is important to note that these reports are provided for your personal use, and are not intended to be used for commercial purposes. These reports are based on information available to Sedo and do not evaluate the legal status of a domain, the potential for legal disputes, the registrant’s intentions, or the impact a domain may have on other parties’ rights.

In addition to offering domain value estimates, Sedo also offers other services to help you evaluate the value of your domain portfolio. Its EstiBot tool lets you monitor your portfolio in real time and will send you notifications whenever the market conditions change. It also performs trademark checks to see if your domain has trademark violations.

Sedo has one of the largest databases of domain sales, and it can be used to make informed decisions about the value of your domain. While Sedo doesn’t offer a free appraisal service, customers can purchase individual domain appraisals or entire domain portfolio appraisals and receive them within five to ten business days. Sedo’s experts review your domain using metrics and knowledge about domain sales. They will help you determine if your domain has a good marketing potential and is worth more than you thought.


The GoDaddy estimates domain value tool is an excellent way to get an idea of the value of your domain. The tool uses millions of domain name sales to determine what a domain is actually worth. While the estimates may not be 100% accurate, they’re fairly accurate. If you’re looking to buy a domain, this tool is well worth your time.

You can download or email a report to see the estimated value of your domain. The report will include a price and a link to purchase it. The tool is easy to use and there are no limits to how many estimates you can request. The tool also offers free valuations and comparable domains.

The downside to GoDaddy’s estimation is that it relies on the registrar’s data, which is not always accurate. Additionally, it doesn’t consider potential brand name recognition. For example, a domain name with a well-known brand name could be worth much more than a domain name without any brand name recognition. Despite the problems, GoDaddy’s domain appraisals are popular and are generally considered accurate by many users.

Another great feature of GoDaddy’s domain appraisal tool is its unique proprietary algorithm, which combines real-world data and machine learning to estimate the value of your domain. The tool also compares your domain to a large list of similar domains that have sold recently. If you decide to sell your domain, GoDaddy will even act as your broker. If you’re not ready to sell it, GoDaddy will contact you to find out if you’re willing to sell it.

Aside from calculating the value of your domain name, GoDaddy’s website valuation tool also allows you to earn money by displaying relevant ads on your website. You’ll receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the ads displayed on your website. GoDaddy’s domain valuation tool is a great way to determine the value of your domain before making the decision to buy it. It will also give you an idea of where the value of your domain will be in the future. If you decide to sell your domain, it’s essential that you know its value. GoDaddy’s domain valuation tool uses proprietary machine learning and real-market sales data to determine the value of your domain. The valuation tool will compare the domain’s value to similar domains and provide comparable prices. Many premium domains command thousands of dollars and even millions of dollars.